One To One Training

Are you and your dog stuck in a rut?  Is he pulling your around on the lead and nothing you say or do seems to get him to walk by your side?  Would you like to increase the bond you and your dog have and teach him new ways of doing things?

Is your dog is scared of the neighbourhood kids, and constantly barks whenever one approaches?  Maybe you are dealing with dog/dog aggression or lead reactivity (barking and lunging at dogs or people when on lead).  Perhaps your schedule is so busy you can’t attend a regular class.  Help is here.

With one to one (private) training session, you decide on the behaviours to train (or un-train), and you decide when and where the lessons take place.

Using science to train your dog in a fun and caring way without complicated rules.  Teach  your dog what you want him to know!

Call now to discuss your training needs on  0872649510

Available all over North County Dublin and the surrounding areas.  First lesson includes 1/2 hour consultation where we will build a training plan to suit you.

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Fees:  Single session:  €50

Pack of Four Session:  €175 (to be paid in advance)

Minimum deposit of €25 to secure your appointment

Email to receive intake forms or request a call back

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Dog Training North Dublin City and County, up to Meath and Louth up to, in and around Drogheda

2 thoughts on “One To One Training

  1. My dog is very aggressive and anxious when people come to our house we have to hold him and then let him smell person then he is grand , he had bitten now a few times so we are very worried ! He’s 2 and is a shitzu , wondering do u take the dog for a few days as we tried the home training before but didn’t work , he is good at doing most commands for us it’s just the aggressiveness when people come
    To house


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