Professional, Effective, In-Home Training

Private Lessons – one to one private lessons let you and your dog get the most out of your time

Private lessons in your home or local area at a time and day to suit you.  Let your dog learn in its own home where he or she will be most relaxed and therefore most able to learn.  We can cover basic obedience, puppy training, fear/aggression issues or other problem behaviors.  Basic rate €65 per hour long session.  No additional charge for multi-dog households.  Ask about package deals.  Travel costs may apply if outside local service area.

Training a dog in its own environment where it will be expected to perform the things you teach it is a good idea.  Starting the learning process away from distractions (like other dogs, smells, birds, squirrels) helps the dog ‘get’ what you are trying to teach it.  The ABCs if you will, before trying it out in the world.

I will start you off each lesson, showing you how to teach the dog what you want from it, then leave you with written instructions (and video links if that helps you) and a schedule to practice on your own.  I’ll instruct you until  you are doing it properly and then review with you at the start of the next session.  Telephone and email support between sessions is included in the basic price.

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In this package, you will receive two private lessons (one week apart) so that you can work at home on the underlying behaviours needed to teach your dog to walk at your side without pulling.  I will collect and walk your dog for two weeks, using my expertise and timing to teach the dog how and where to walk.  You do not need to walk your dog during these two weeks (in fact, I would strongly advise against it).   At the end of the two weeks, we will all walk together, transferring the behaviour to your walks.

This is a time-consuming package where you will receive 3 hours of private tuition and over 9 hours of one-on-one dog walking with a professional trainer.  Although you will need to continue reinforcing the behaviour and practicing the methods taught, both  you and the dog will have a strong foundation to remove pulling behaviours and be able to walk happily together.

Price:  €525 (Please note that this package may not be suitable for some dogs with behavioural problems).  Subject to availability and location.  This service is currently not available due to increased case load.


Teaching your dog the correct place to walk and not to pull on the leash makes the walk much more enjoyable for you and your dog.  This is not for formal heelwork  as dogs who are not allowed to explore the environment on their walks soon become bored and may express this in the home in ways humans find unacceptable.  Instead, you dog will learn that if the leash is tight, the walk stops, and it’s much more fun to keep going!

Loose Leash walking is taught in 2 x 45 minute sessions a week apart.     €110

Session One:  Eye Contact , Impulse Control, Correct Walking Position

Session Two:  Help!  My dog pulls! Including lead handling, coming away from distractions.


We no longer run group classes, but if you are set on a group environment, let us know and we can refer you to another facility.


All services are subject to availability.

email: or use the Contact Us form.

4 thoughts on “Professional, Effective, In-Home Training

  1. Hi! We have a 2 year old lab and need a bit of socialisation, fetch & give & off lead training – would the basic training course suit? Thanks


    1. Hi Louise
      We will be doing give/leave it, recall (come back), sit, stay, lie down, pay attention games and walking nicely on a lead. I don’t generally cover ‘fetch’ in the basic obedience, but we could cover it after class if the rest of this sounds like things you would like to teach your dog. How under-socialized is he? Will he be ok with 3-4 other dogs in the class? If you want, we can meet up with my dog beforehand for a quick assessment before January.


    2. Hi Louise. The basic class includes: sit, stay, give, walking nicely on-lead, recall (come here), lie down, off (get down ‘off’ the sofa, counter-top, whatever), ‘4 on the floor’ (not jumping up to greet). What ‘off lead’ training do you need? Is this recall? or is there something specific off-lead you would like your dog to do? I’ve another group starting 15 February. Also, I do socialization walks with my dog, you and your dog, at your convenience and discuss canine body language, how to read your dog and other dogs to know if a greeting is likely to go well and how to get out of a sticky situation. If you feel this would be more appropriate, we could have a couple of these and perhaps one private lesson to cover fetch and recall.


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