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My dog bit my son today*……

Not to scare people, but to make you aware…in the right situation, without reading the stress signals, any dog can bite. Teach your dog bite inhibition (soft mouth) and teach yourself and your children how to read what your dog’s body language is trying to tell you.

Dog Training by Jess

jessmax3Yes MY dog, a dog who has been with me for more than ten years (got him when he was 3). A dog you’d never guess in your wildest dreams would ever bite anyone, let alone my 2 year old son. Ten years ago, before I knew better, this dog put up very patiently with my youngest daughter who was then a toddler. She’d sit on him, lay on him, tug an ear or his tail now and then, and he’d just go about his day seemingly unbothered by it.

She would do the very things we see posted in pictures and videos on Facebook, Twitter etc. on a daily basis. All those seemingly harmless “cute” photos and videos.

Ten years ago I would’ve thought these photos and videos were cute too. Some days now I wish I could go back to just seeing cute photos and videos rather than…

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